Toadman Interactive Studio


Creating Games for the players

Founded in 2013 as Toadman Interactive by industry veterans and based in Sweden, Toadman Studios is a video game developer with offices in Stockholm, Oslo, Berlin, and Tver. Synonymous with RPG expertise and driven by a desire to create unique experiences. Before joining Toadman, the company’s talented developers were involved in producing games such as Battlefield 4, Mad Max, and Just Cause.




49 Msek


Stockholm, Sweden


Ola Nilsson

Notable title

Our business units

  • Petrol Advertising

    Creative branding and marketing agency

    Revenue: 186 MSEK
    Employees: 75
    Headquarter: LOS ANGELES, USA

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  • Daybreak Games

    PC and console game developer and publisher

    Revenue: 753 MSEK
    Employees: 264
    Headquarter: SAN DIEGO, USA

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  • Big Blue Bubble

    PC, mobile and console developer and publisher

    Revenue: 572 MSEK
    Employees: 73
    Headquarter: London, Canada

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  • Fireshine Games

    Console game publisher and distributor

    Revenue: 352 MSEK
    Employees: 31
    Headquarter: London, UK

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  • Piranha Games

    PC and console premium and live game developer

    Revenue: 133 MSEK
    Employees: 111
    Headquarter: Vancouver, Canada

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  • Toadman Interactive

    PC and console game developer

    Revenue: 49 MSEK
    Employees: 119
    Headquarter: Stockholm, Sweden

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