Ji Ham

Acting Chief Executive Officer

Holds 2,018,472 corresponding to 2.28% of all shares and votes of the Company.

Experience: Ji has an extensive background in both gaming and finance and has for the last six years been the CEO of Daybreak. During his tenure at Daybreak Ji has overseen extensive growth and profitability of the company.

Fredrik Rüdén

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer

Holds 224,300 shares corresponding to 0,25% of all shares and votes of the Company.

Experience: Fredrik has an extensive background from high-tech companies in listed environments specifically within finance. In addition to having worked for almost a decade as CFO at Betsson, Fredrik also has professional experience from companies such as Kinnevik, LeoVegas and Ernst & Young.

Huyen Huynh

Vice President of Group Operations

Holds 0 shares.

Experience: Huyen is a senior professional with 25 years of experience managing software development for various industries, of which the last 14 years was spent in the mobile and live games businesses. Since joining Daybreak in 2017, EG7s largest business unit, she’s been an important asset in shaping the company.

David Youssefi

Vice President and General Counsel

Holds 0 shares.

Experience: David is a senior legal professional with 25 years of legal experience both in-house and in various roles at major law firms. Joined Daybreak in 2011, EG7s largest business unit, where he’s been playing a vital role in shaping Daybreak over the years.