Daybreak Games announces the launch of the Isle of Dread expansion for Dungeons & Dragons Online

Today, June 22 Daybreak launches the Isle of Dread expansion for Dungeons & Dragons Online, the iconic MMO from Standing Stone Games.

In the Isle of Dread expansion cult of Vecna has been sighted in the region, and now a mysterious island has reappeared off the coast. Prehistoric dangers await any who set foot on the island’s shores, so only true heroes will be capable of surviving the threats and stopping the cult.

Key Features Include:

● Level Cap Increase and Heroic Play! – With the Isle of Dread expansion, DDO’s level cap has increased to 32! This is the first level cap increase since 2015. Isle of Dread includes questing and adventures that can be played by characters of Heroic Level 7 and Legendary level 30+.

● New Adventures Based On Classic D&D! – The Isle of Dread module comes to life in all new quests and a massive adventure area filled with dangerous dinosaurs! Traverse tarpits, navigate ancient ruins, and uncover Vecna’s devious plans.

● New Monsters – Fight familiar foes like Triceratops, T-Rex, and other infamous Dinosaurs, but also face off against other D&D creatures like the Kopru and Ettercaps!

● New Playable Character Race: Tabaxi – Get access to the new playable Tabaxi character race with any edition of the Isle of Dread expansion! Use your feline agility to claw your way through the island’s dangers.

● New Iconic Hero: Trailblazer – Get access to the Trailblazer Iconic Hero when you choose the Ultimate Editions of the expansion! Strike down your foes with all new staff fighting abilities exclusive to the Trailblazer.

● Gather and Craft New Gear – Isle of Dread will debut an all new customizable Dinosaur-bone crafting system, and showcase new pirate-inspired gear, new Sentient Artifacts to hunt for, and new Augments to customize your gear!

● Permanent Raptor Hireling – Form your own hunting pack with a permanent Raptor Hireling named Teal! Available in the Collector’s and Ultimate editions of Saltmarsh. The Collector’s Raptor supports Heroic level 7, while the Ultimate Fan Bundle Raptor supports level 30.

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