DC Universe Online’s Episode 45: Shock to the System Now Available

EG7 today announced that Dimensional Ink Games, a Daybreak Games studio, has launched Episode 45: Shock to the System, the latest episode in the popular MMO, DC Universe Online. The episode is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and later this month on Nintendo Switch. Episode 45, like all episodes, is free-to-play.

In Shock to the System, players will travel to the heart of the Milestone universe in Dakota City to offer help and to investigate why these heroes and villains are disappearing.

Dakota City’s just built differently. The Big Bang attack that created new heroes, villains, and victims has drawn sinister, otherworldly attention. Ebon’s powers cast a long shadow, but it’s the Apokoliptian Parademons that has Static shocked enough to contact you. Why are people disappearing, why has Apokolips turned its attention to Dakota City, and will you be able to take on such a shadowy threat?

View the DC Universe Online’s new Episode 45: Shock to the System trailer here

For additional information about this and previous episodes, visit the official DC Universe Online website here