Enad Global 7s viral success with My Singing Monsters has now reached over one Billion hashtags on Tiktok

In September Big Blue Bubble´s game My Singing Monsters celebrated 10 years. Following a successful Easter campaign, the 10th year anniversary marked the start of a ramp up in My Singing Monsters viral success taking the game to top 10 in over 100 countries in the iOS games category and reaching the #1 spot in more than 15 countries.

The franchise has seen a large uptick of active players due to the explosive success My Singing Monsters has seen on Tiktok with now over 1.4 million followers, over 120 million video views and over 1 billion hashtags mentions across the platform. The My Singing Monsters brand has firmly entrenched itself as a viral phenomenon with TikTok creators, spawning dozens of unique trends, hundreds of thousands of posts, and hundreds of millions of combined views.
My Singing Monsters is a Free-to-play game franchise by EG7s business unit Big Blue Bubble where players collect and breed Monsters that sing and contribute to create a song. By building a collection of Monsters, the players can purchase new Islands, which each have their own song and new Monsters for players to discover.

My Singing Monsters is available on Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation. For more information, visit Big Blue Bubble.