Fireshine Games announce four new digital indie-titles plus the Early Access date for Shadows of Doubt

Fireshine Games announce four new indie titles that are scheduled for release during 2023 and 2024 from their digital indie-pipeline of total 9 games including the Early Access date for the highly anticipated Shadows of Doubt. The four new announcements are: Little Friends: Puppy Island, Odinfall, Reka and Toads of the Bayou.

Little Friends: Puppy Island is a awesome puppy adventure where players get to discover exciting locations, dig up hidden treasures, build and expand holiday resort, and meet plenty of lovable little friends to care for on their very own un-paw-gettable, tropical island adventure. The game is developed by Big Blue Bubble and scheduled release during the summer of 2023.

Odinfall let players enjoy a furiously fast Viking roguelike twin-stick shooter for PC, developed by Ember Paw Games and scheduled for release this summer.

Reka is a game where players get to explore life as a witch and travel Central Europe's nature with their cottage. Roam forests and swamps, collect plants, craft magical supplies for villagers and customize their ever-growing home, developed by Emberstorm Entertainment.

In Shadows of Doubt players get to think like a detective and investigate crimes to catch a serial killer, using a variety of gadgets to crack each case. Explore unique, sci-fi noir cities and meet individual citizens each with their own name, job, apartment and daily routine. Track down suspects and approach each case uniquely: scan fingerprints, check call histories, read private emails, bribe citizens, watch CCTV, or pick locks, break down doors and sabotage security systems – you call the shots on how to solve each case. Developed by Cole Powered Games with Early Access release April 24, 2023.

In Toads of the Bayou players lead a group of toads as they fight against Baron Samedi’s evil forces in a challenging mix of turn-based tactics and roguelike deckbuilding. Synergise card effects, build a settlement and engage in strategic combat to thrive in the cursed Bayou. Toads of the Bayou is developed by Le Grange.

“We are very glad here at Fireshine to get the chance to work with these talented studios and their developers. I am very excited for the announcements and look forward to the release dates when players get the chance to explore these fantastic titles” – Sarah Hoeksma, Marketing Director at Fireshine Games.