New expansion for Dungeons & Dragons Online becomes available for pre-order today

Players can now pre-order the greatly anticipated mini-expansion Vecna Unleashed for Dungeons & Dragons Online, the iconic free-to-play multiplayer online game.

High amongst Sharn, The City of Towers, something sinister is afoot in the halls of Morgrave University. The Codex of the Infinite Planes has escaped to the academy, and with it comes the dark presence of Vecna and his cult. Now with the university's vast collection of rare and powerful artifacts under their control, the destiny of not just Sharn but the entire Eberron plane hangs in the balance. Prepare to explore new areas, face perilous enemies, and uncover dark secrets in Vecna Unleashed.

Unleash the power of the Macrotechnic with a new Epic Destiny, that offers strong defensive abilities as well as boosts to Electric, Sonic, and Repair spellcasting. It also boosts Rune Arm use, empowering Artificers, and opens up use of Rune Arms to characters who are not Artificers for the first time.

Discover new information about monsters new and old and earn rewards along the way. Monster Manual Volume 9 includes 10 creatures: Mimics, Hyenas, Owlbears, Ravens, Magefire Cannons, Fire Giants, Eladrins, Fire Reavers, Quells, and Wheeps.

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The teaser trailer for Vecna Unleashed can be found here.