New The Lord of The Rings Online Expansion: Corsairs of Umbar, Now Available

EG7 today announced that Standing Stone Games, a Daybreaks Games studio, has launched Corsairs of Umbar, the latest expansion for the highly acclaimed MMO, The Lord of the Rings Online. Umbar is a place of mystery and adventure where Corsairs rule the waves with dark-bannered ships, and tales of legendary raids echo throughout bustling ports.

Corsairs of Umbar introduces the new innovative New Mariner Class, a fearless swordfighter with a unique balance system. Players can unleash powerful skill sequences in their swordplay to create powerful skill chains that leave their enemies in a daze and allies in awe. Slash through foes with slick swordplay, belt out rousing sea-shanties, and pull off crafty moves that will have enemies spinning in confusion.

With an art style that has heavy Mediterranean influence, the Shores of Umbar offers a bustling Corsair haven, where sun-kissed shores meet the shadows of dark-bannered ships, and tales of legendary raids echo through its vibrant ports.

Untold dangers and formidable adversaries lie in wait in the four new regions: Kings Gondor West, a new version of the west side of Gondor first introduced in Update 14; Outer Gondor, a region with fortified settlements and rugged landscape that stands as guardians against encroaching shadows; The Shield Isles, a collection of islands around the oceans that offer serenity amidst cliffs, forests, and the watchful gaze of mariners; and Umbar, a city of intriguing duality, where dark-bannered ships whisper tales of piracy and rebellion along sun-soaked streets that pulse with vibrant life.

Watch the Corsairs of Umbar launch trailer here.

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