The new game ‘Power Chord’ from Big Blue Bubble is released on Steam today

Power Chord, the heavy metal roguelike deck builder from Big Blue Bubble takes center stage on PC via Steam today, January 26th, with the final show scheduled for Nintendo Switch in the near future.

In Power Chord players will fight to take back dive bars and dank clubs from Helmoth's heavy metal demons and close the tear between our worlds by winning a twisted battle of the bands! Assemble Earth’s mightiest rockers who form the Knights of Thunder Fist and embark on a monster ass-kicking debut tour.

Plug in the aux for easy-to-learn, yet intricate, turn-based combat inspired by deckbuilding hall-of-famers. Unleash a rig of powerful cards riffing off each bandmate’s extraordinary personality- a vocalist, guitarist, drummer, and bassist – each with cards matching their musical spirits.

“Power Chord combines deeply complex deck building strategy, unique party resource management, and an eye thrashing, hard rocking, heavy metal aesthetic.” said David Fardell, Marketing Director, Big Blue Bubble. “This is a game that’s been designed by fans who are truly passionate about the genre. We can’t wait for players to hit a challenge, get absolutely crushed, come back again and work out insane new ways to break the game and wreck our demons.”

Power Chord is out now on PC via Steam for $19.99USD, with Free DLC coming to the game soon after. Four new characters, and deck sets will be added to the game in Free DLC drops, with the first two coming less than a month after release.

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Visit Power Chords on Steam here